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Who We Are

Berry Facility Management Services Pvt. Ltd. Is a new generation company founded in 2011. We have built our business on the values of honesty, integrity and reliability, providing best Integrated Facility Management solutions with state-of-the-art equipment and technology to a range of small, medium and large businesses. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver sustainable, reliable, quality and affordable Integrated Facility Management Services to clients throughout India.

Our aim is to provide the absolute best job possible. Our management system shall provide the framework for the development, implementation and review of our process to ensure that excellence is achieved. Whatever you need done, we do the best we can to help. We offer a comprehensive premier range of industrial cleaning services on all aspects.

Our services are particularly concentrated on Total Quality Management (TOM), with a highly specialized and experienced team. We interpret and add value to your ideas!

Our Aim

Berry Facility Management Services Pvt. Ltd mission is to provide professional yet personaltred Facility Services without ever compromising on quality and values. Our aim is simple-to match the skills of people that we trust and respect to clients who desire a first class facility service in their respective arena We’ve built “Berry Facility Management Services Pvt. Ltd around our personal core values of honesty, trust and fairness to all.

Our People

We as a team are very much professional and result oriented with a wealth of experience, diverse and deep expertise in service industries. The key business objective of our people is to provide seamless service from start to finish and cultivate long lasting customer relationship which help our clients to achieve their buniness objectives. Our exclusivity of staff, providing a more personal uninterrupted and consistent services to our customer.

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